John Lewis , we love you (especially your warranties). Come back, all is forgiven.

Taz checking up on the wheels under the fridge, "helping" his Dad

Taz checking up on the wheels under the fridge, “helping” his Dad

After  more than SIX  crazy-inducing looooong, long  weeks, the manufacturer of our American style fridge freezer has finally delivered its replacement. It broke down irretrievably at under  a year old. It was not cheap. We inherited it when we bought our new house and I would never, ever choose to buy anything from this company again. The freezer packed up and the fridge compartment had been running at a mould- inducing, warm ten degrees Celsius since. Food was going off very fast, especially on the hotter Summer days. Brian devised  a cunning plan which involved filling half the fridge with ice cubes to keep the temperature low-ish, so we could at least keep some things cool.

Every day I had the joy of trekking to up to four supermarkets stocking up on ice bags. Every day I rarely found ice at the first pit stop. Every day I swore,  increasing in Grrrr – ness as the days passed, especially when I had to throw more food away. Every day I lamented being unable to defrost a carefully planned allergy friendly, free-from, homemade meal that makes the tedium of my domestic cooking life considerably easier. Every four hours we had to make a fresh batch of elemental feed for Calvin because making it ahead of time would require it to be stored reliably  in an appliance that actually kept things cool instead of giving the appearance of doing that. We got quite good at lugging the weighing scales, litre jug and whisk around with us. And every day Brian spent his time travelling to work on the phone haranguing customer services for said  East Asian manufacturer. Every day he met incompetency and vague answers and was delighted that they were unable to end the call so he stubbornly kept them talking for up to an hour, but usually getting nowhere. Their finest answer was they were under no legal obligation to replace the fridge (sadly too true as the warranty is cleverly sold to the retailer ) but they would do it out of good will (if I’m being charitable, something  to do with it being less than a year old perhaps?) and if we needed a fridge for medical use, a domestic fridge isn’t classified under those terms. Nice.

push harder Taz

push harder Taz

We learnt a few key lessons along the way; never, ever believe someone in customer services when they say they are going to ring you back. Never buy from a cheaper retailer who is likely to go bust as many white good manufacturers sell their warranties to said retailer and when they then go out of business, you have very few consumer rights. Stick to John Lewis or some of the other big chains. When you buy your house with new white ,make sure you check all the paperwork. Oh, and if you need ice on hot summer days, be up at the crack of sparrows and join the insomniacs in the supermarket aisles.

So this week I am baking like a mad woman again so I can restock the freezer. I delight in being able to store Calvin’s feed ahead of his school day and then  – joy of joys – being able to add an ice pack to the medicine bag it travels to school in.  I open the fridge door and revel in not finding mouldy bits of cucumber clinging to droopy celery  and not unearthing  green penicillin creating  a layer over the Bolognese I sweated over the day before. Now I just have to get the compensation for all the wasted food.

Calvin's origami puppet, blowing raspberries at the fridge company

Calvin’s origami puppet, blowing raspberries at the fridge company

Meanwhile, Taz has developed a super little barky, throat constricting cough and is refusing his asthma inhaler. At five o’ clock this morning we were sat in the bathroom with him while we waited for the steam to open his airway. The onset of colder weather has obviously beaten the effect of the anti-inflammatory he’s chewing every night. Great. Just great. That means I’m going to have to line him up to see a chest specialist and I’m developing my own allergy to yet another doctor. With  Brian away, my parents abroad and my saint-like nanny  needing to go home,  I have wondered who I will call tonight to come and mind the kids if his breathing gets really bad and I have to take him to A&E. Whoever said life was dull. It’s honestly not a moan, more of  a wry, forced smile!  Still, at least my shiny, new fridge freezer is merrily humming away. Let’s hope it lasts longer than twelve months eh?

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mum, wife (when I remember), journalist, Queen of poo, self taught allergy cook, totally unqualified nurse, likes to fundraise for research and raise awareness into rare childhood bowel diseases, self-appointed expert on accessing education and healthcare for my child, wants to signpost for others who may be struggling, thinks her jokes are funny even if no-one else does.

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